How would I be able to allow controller support + set keybinds?

Hey! The title sums it up pretty well but I’m curious how I would go about allowing controls for a game I’m making that I want to create a legitimate PVP community for. How would I go about this? The major ones that I’m concerned about is as follows:

  • Using a c-stick / d pad for both movement and camera control
  • Using the back buttons on the controller to cycle through tools
  • Using buttons in place of click / pressing keys on the keyboard
  • Allowing WASD + space input from a thumb stick.

I plan to formally release the script as a plug-in when I’m done to include many different controllers.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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UserInputService and ContextActionService are your friends when dealing with input. ContextActionService is a simpler and more efficient of handling input, better than UserInputService in most use-cases. UserInputService allows for a more customisable way of dealing with input, and also has a ton of useful properties, methods, and signals related to input (such as :GetConnectedGamepads()).

There are lots of good resources out there to help you learn gamepads. Things like should be pretty helpful.

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Thank you! Now, time to make the Melee of Roblox with gamecube controller compatibility.


Looking forward to it :wink:

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