How would I broadcast a message globally?

Basically um… Id like to broadcast a message globally?

I have no clue how id even BEGIN with this, but I’d just like to broadcast a gui across everyones server. I dont want to use the notification system as well… who really looks at their notifications…

If you’ve seen a WR kinda dealio on lets say… surf, or BHOP. I’d like this to be kinda like that. I completely understand if no one replies to this as I personally feel like it’s a bit more complicated than alot of things. :slight_smile: Thanks, and sorry if you do not get what I’m trying to, I tried to explain it as best as possible.

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Can you show an example of this broadcast example in surf or BHOP?

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One simple way to do this internally would be use the datastoreservice specifically this method. You’d just simply change the value to whatever you’d like the message to be.

But I’ve seen some reports that say that OnUpdate is somewhat unreliable, so a more reliable way would be to have web server and just use the http service to check if you’re message has changed from when the server started.

Yea, OnUpdate is broken internally. The remedy for this is going to be MessagingService, which can be found here. The flag for it is flipped to be enabled, but it’s currently not working so I’m expecting information on it soon to come.

Back to the topic, the best working alternative right now would be using a web server to return data that you want to display. Here’s a good starter on it.