How would I change a surface motor's speed?

As the title states, I would like to control the surface motor’s speed.

Why? I am currently creating a sort of spinning leaderboard. The only thing stopping me from implementing it into my game is its speed which is way too fast. ( see gif below)


Have you tried increasing the density of the turning box?

Already tried increasing the density but it doesnt affect it’s speed.

Use Motor.MaxVelocity to change its Maxium Velocity. You can access this in script only.

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I am going to assume that you are using the legacy motor system (changing a part’s surface type to a motor).

Instead of using that, create a CylindricalConstraint between the platform and the moving brick.

Inside the CylindricalConstraint’s properties, change the AngularActuatorType to Motor. A submenu with AngularMotor properties will show up, you might need to change the values to your liking. With a cobblestone part at it’s normal physical properties, these are the settings I used:


Resulting in the following: