How would I change part's position propotionally to the other part's size

So this is my starter character

Whenever the Body’s size changes, I want hands’ positions to change as well

The script:

local events = game.ReplicatedStorage.Events

	local character = player.Character
	character.Body.Size +=, 2, 2)
	character.LeftHand.Position +=, 0, 1)
	character.RightHand.Position +=, 0, 1)

Well, think about it this way…

You have hands.Size and main.Size

You can have a multiplier based on size. So just multiply based on size and change the position using a multiplier based offset.

Please explain with more details, it’s basically first time I am doing such stuff (never heard about offsets as well)

Hello, you can use a basic algorithm such as:

Hand.Position =,(NewHeadSize.Y-OldHeadSize.Y)/1.25,(NewHeadSize.Z-OldHeadSize.Z)/1.25)

Note: I’ve put that 1.25 so they won’t be much unoriantated.

What’s exactly NewHand size and OldHand size here?

OldHead size is the size of the head before it was scaled, and NewHead is the new size of it. If you struggle with getting it, I may help you.

By the way, if you are using a Weld Contraint then it is gonna be little different.

I don’t have that, but I have motor6ds. Also the result is same as in the video, didn’t work