How would I change the characters body parts CFrame?

So I am currently trying to make it so that I do some stuff where I change the body parts of the character’s cframe to another cframe.

I have tried this but It does not work.
It does change the cframe, and I dont know how I would fix this.
So heres my code

	for _, keyframe in pairs(frames) do
		char["Right Arm"].CFrame = keyframe.rightarm
		char["Left Arm"].CFrame = keyframe.leftarm
		char["Right Leg"].CFrame = keyframe.rightleg
		char["Left Leg"].CFrame = keyframe.leftleg
		char.Head.CFrame = keyframe.head
		char.Torso.CFrame = keyframe.torso

Maybe you have to clone your character parts then make the actual character invisible.

I think I might just figured it out, the character has a bunch of things in it that connect it to the character, maybe if I just remove them(Cause I dont need them)

Uh, no. The Motor6 is what makes your character work and locks the connections.

That’s why I thought maybe you just need to clone your character. Then you can move the clone parts and weld them to the real parts.

Just a thought.

Im not using animations so it wont effect it!
But thanks for noting that for If I do something like this again

I did this and It now works!

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