How would I check if a character is falling for too long?

I’m trying to create a ragdoll system based on the duration of falling, but I’m unsure about the best approach and whether it would be more effective for it to be in ServerScriptService or as a script in each character.

I’ve previously attempted to create this script, but encountered an issue where continuously jumping would cause the character to fall over. I tried for a while but couldn’t find any type of solution. My goal is to have the server perform checks to determine if a character has been falling for more than 0.75 seconds. While also ignoring if the player is constantly jumping. If that condition is met, I want to run code until the character comes to a stop, allowing them to get back up.

Any help would be very appreciated! :smile:


you could use HumanoidStateType

or you could check the player’s previous position on Y (i don’t recommend this)


Would also recommend HumanoidStateType. You could use a changed-based event paired with a task.delay once the state is called. After the delay, it checks if the state of the humanoid is falling or not. Therefore, performing whatever action you’d like.


I have attempted something similar in the past, but as mentioned earlier, it leads to the character falling over when continuously jumping. However, I am currently working on an alternative approach using humanoid states. I noticed that the “landed” and “jumping” state is not always consistent as a lot of the time it wont fire for me.

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