How would I check if a player's humanoid moves manually instead of being moved by the MoveTo() function?

In my game, I allow the player to click on an object, and when clicked, it moves the humanoid toward the part using the MoveTo(Vector3) function.

I want to check if a player manually moves instead of moving automatically with the MoveTo() function. (you are able to move when you use the MoveTo() function to a humanoid.)


You can probably check player input’s on the client, or see if a humanoid’s MoveDirection isn’t what it should be.

I made a little thing, and it seems like an avatar’s MoveDirection doesn’t change by MoveTo().

In short, you might want to use something like humanoid:GetPropertyChangedSignal(MoveDirection).

Hope this helps! :grin:

edit: If you want this to work without latency, make sure you do it on the client. :+1:


Oh, really? Let me check that a little bit, lol.

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Huh, you’re right! I never knew that!
Thanks for that valuable info!


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