How would I clone an object above the target object?

Essentially what I need to do is simulate the way copy/paste works on Studio, where when you paste an object it will be positioned just above the object copied.

I obviously know to use part:Clone(). The problem comes in with the positioning. I can’t use something like part.Position = part.Position *, part.Size.Y, 0) because it will not position properly on parts tilted on its side.

I also cannot use part.CFrame = part.CFrame *, part.Size.Y, 0) because it will not position it on top when cloned if it is tilted.

I technically could unanchor the parts, clone them, and anchor them again, but this is very buggy and does not make the parts precise like in Studio.

If anyone knows an easy solution to this, please reply!

Maybe just do Vector3 and get the part’s x and z position then add the part’a y position with it’s y value on size.

Let me know if this helps you

If you want the cloned part to be the same orientation as the original part you could do this:

part.Orientation =,OriginalPart.Orientation.Y,OriginalPart.Orientation.Z)

But desinied ROBLOX wiki link probably has better ways.

I know that this Post is old but I still wanted to help if you still want it.
part.Position =, part.Position.Y + part.Size.Y, part.Position.Z)
Replace “part” with your Part name, it should work.
Have a great day