How would I convert a building face into a texture

In my map there are going to be a lot of buildings, each building has hundreds of parts so to increase the performance I want to convert a lot of these buildings into just parts with textures on them what would be the best way to do this?

I have tried taking a screenshot of a face and uploading that as a texture and it doesnt look to bad but is there a better way:

Actual building:

What I have tried:

MaterialVariant on the left, texture in the middle (gaps are because I didn’t crop properly) and decal on the right.

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The solution below assumes that the player will not get close to the building, if this assumption is false - please respond so I can provide an alternative solution.

  • Convert your build into a mesh, and make sure to remove any repetition that will destroy your uv-mapping space i.e. multiple windows (you will only need 1 and the area around it).
  • UV map the mesh and project the map by view to only show the front-facing mesh and maximise the space (example below).
  • Export the UV layout (you will no longer need the mesh). With the images showing smooth basic colours, you can fill in the uv map according to the colours of your build on ROBLOX. You can utilise texture paint on blender, or any other painting software.
  • Upload the texture on ROBLOX, and then apply a secondary texture above (the studs) as shown in your image.

This method should function properly if your use is not for the intention where players are close to the building. By using this method that breaks the assumption, it will disturb the visual aspect of the building due to the following factor;

  • There are no shadows emitted.
  • There is no perspective warp of the depth of the window based on the player’s angle.

(I am writing this at 5am, so if there is any confusion with my post - then reply back)