How would I create a building system similar to that of Plane Crazy or Build a boat for treasure

Hello! I am attempting to create a game that requires a building system. I have searched online however none of the tutorials cover the system I need. Im hoping to create one similar to the one used in Plane Crazy, or the one used in Build A Boat For Treasure

Anyone know of a tutorial I missed OR what system I would need to use to do this (like raycasting or something)

Thank you!


I know I’m a bit late to respond but I am currently making a game called HecticBuilds which uses a building system that I made. For my system, I use a combo of raycasting and mouse.Hit/mouse.Target (I originally used just that and have been switching to raycast because raycast is better to work with). If you want to keep it basic like F3X, I would recommend shooting a raycast away from the player’s camera towards the mouse position. Then create a part in the workspace and set the position of the part to the raycastresult position. the reason I use raycasts is that it is easier for me to filter out blocks without setting them to can-collide-false and can-query-false. here is a bit of code from my game. (this is used for the placement of the block hitbox on the client)

									local mouseposition1 = UIS:GetMouseLocation()
									local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
									local raycastdistance = 10000
									local raycastparameters =

									raycastparameters.FilterType = Enum.RaycastFilterType.Blacklist
									raycastparameters.FilterDescendantsInstances = filter

									local mouseray = Camera:ViewportPointToRay(mouseposition1.X, mouseposition1.y)
									local Raycastresult = workspace:Raycast(mouseray.Origin, mouseray.Direction * raycastdistance, raycastparameters)
									local resultname = Raycastresult.Instance
									local resultsurface = Raycastresult.Normal
									local resultsurfaceX = math.round(Raycastresult.Normal.X)
									local resultsurfaceY = math.round(Raycastresult.Normal.Y)
									local resultsurfaceZ = math.round(Raycastresult.Normal.Z)
									X = math.floor(Raycastresult.Position.X + 1) - .5
									Y = math.floor(Raycastresult.Position.Y + 1)
									Z = math.floor(Raycastresult.Position.Z + 1) - .5
									if mouse.Target == Raycastresult.Instance then
										if mouse.Target == workspace.Plot1.Base then
											Y = math.floor(Raycastresult.Position.Y + 1) + 1
											Y = math.floor(Raycastresult.Position.Y + 1) 

									positionA =, Y, Z)

									if resultsurfaceY == 1 then
										positionA +=,0,0)
									elseif resultsurfaceY == -1 then
										positionA +=,-2,0)
									elseif resultsurfaceX == 1 then
										positionA +=,0,0)
									elseif resultsurfaceX == -1 then
										positionA +=,0,0)
									elseif resultsurfaceZ == 1 then
										positionA +=,0,1)
									elseif resultsurfaceZ == -1 then
										positionA +=,0,-1)


I hope this helps in the case you are still working on this.

I completely abandoned the project and have worked on 2 other games since then, but I hope that your reply can be of use to other people! Thanks

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ok, thanks.
just in case you ever decide to restart the project it’ll be here.
also, if anyone else wants to use it as well, ye feel free.

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