How would I create a camera system similar to this?

I want to create a camera system like Skylanders (see video) where the camera doesn’t just follow your head, it actually seems to be attached to a preset track? I have a somewhat decent understanding on cframes, and have made simple camera which just follow your head, but I am clueless as to how to achieve this effect. Any steps in the right direction are appreciated.


I have some ideas on where you can start.

The camera is definitely focusing on the humanoid of the object. But when the object gets close to a wall or something, the camera zooms in closer. You can make it so that every frame, check if the camera is close to a wall, and if it’s close enough to your desire, then zoom in by adjusting the FOV.

Поищите плагины связаные с камерами, или туториал на ютубе- также могу посоветовать привязать камеру к персонажу. Незнаю как я не скриптер-

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I think you can make automatic script will be creating camera for player , and create sript :camera will be tied on the character head or on your position
Im meaning when character walk camera too, first video i sent i think it can help you