How would I create a global marketplace

I’d like to make a global, live marketplace where players can sell items to other players from different servers, like this:

Could anyone explain how I can do this?

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an indefinite answer is DataStores when they sell it you should save it to the Market Api im gonna have to include some stuff below

  • Might be hazardous because they can sell 999 times which just drops datastores you can just add an delay for this manner

if the post above doesn’t help you probably pm the guy who made the game

Here is a list of things that might require to read so

The use of MessagingService and DataStoreService will do so to fix this problem you are facing with

Everything you are gonna do is in the place for datastores


If you see this comment, there is a better method than using Roblox data store and it is called open cloud data store, it is much more reliable and doesn’t have a limit on how many things you can save at a time, I would definitely recommend opencloud data store.

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Hello. I solved this problem by using Heroku and MongoDB. Costs money though.