How would I create a hole in a part with accurate decomposition geometry?


When making holes for a golf game, the decomposition geometry is all screwed up when I created the hole with CSG (negating a cylinder). I’m wondering what the most efficient way would be to create a hole with an accurate enough hitbox (efficient meaning is there any other way without creating a bunch of smaller parts?).



You can have either very small number of instances (in this case, a single Union), OR you can have an accurate hitbox. You cannot have both (right now), unfortunately. You’re going to have to go the Parts route


If you like the look you get with the union, you can always set the actual geometry to non collide and create invisible geometry parts around the hole for collision.

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That’s most likely what I’ll end up doing. Thanks for the help!


Unfortunately, I think the best way to make an accurate collision is to create the collision with blocks.
I’ve encountered this issue on one of my projects so what I did is I made the outline of the holes with parts, and then, I filled the floor with parts. The imperfections are hidden by the outlines. Then I unioned the floor so it seems like one part.

Images of my project

I don’t know if anyone has a better solution, but for now, this is how I do. It also depends on what kind of design you want.

Conclusion, using parts is still the best way, in my opinion.


You could use the Archimedes Plugin to create circles. Very simple and easy to use.

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