How would I create a speed/wind effect?

Hello, I would like to recreate a wind/zoom effect like this:

(3) Anime Zoom Greenscreen - YouTube

I would assume that it could be created with a viewportframe, but I don’t have a clear idea of how I would do it.


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My suggestion for this is to make it frame by frame. Meaning that you could use an image label and run a while true loop that changes the texture every lets say 0.1 seconds.

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Yeah, that is an option, but it would be a hassle.

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The effect itself looks a lot like many triangles fading in, moving out and fading out, so it’s possible to emulate that effect in-engine for flawless quality and less RAM usage in exchange for a bit of an FPS drop.

I’ll elaborate on this soon once I try it myself, it’s interesting enough to try

edit: frames will disappear when their Position exits the screen, which makes GUIs unviable for this - the effect will need to be made with parts or beams or trails

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Just have some triangles that go around the screen, change them up a little a couple times, then use :TweenSize to change its size.

Yeah, @Eestlane771 and @Dogcraft_01 are right on the money on that one. i would probably reccomend the former method in favor of system performance, and the latter in favor of less time spent creating the effect. Both ways are going to be somewhat expensive for the client and very time consuming though

I achieved this by creating parts at camera position.