How would I create something like in this clip?

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Well first off, the entire build in the video are cubes. I think what they might do is assign a “Health” value to each block, and there is probably some sort of large hitbox in front of the player whenever they punch. Each time the hitbox hits something it decreases the health. When the health becomes zero, it just unanchors and flings the block away from the player.


I highly doubt that the builds are all cubes, otherwise the game would lag very much, but instead this game is very nicely optimized.


You could build the building with larger parts.

If the larger part is punched then replace it with a bunch of smaller parts that add up to the same size.

That way you don’t overload yourself and the game with too many parts.


You would also need to make sure they all snap to the same grid.


If you enlarge the video you can see a bunch of breaks that appear in the floor.

It looks like maybe that game actually is built with a bunch of small parts.


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I highly doubt it since it’s a game with 30k concurrent players

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Thats what I thought initially but I think its just cuz theres a crappy hitbox and the player ended up breaking the floor a bit lol.


I would not want to build it.

It must be larger blocks that are being swapped out for smaller ones.

Maybe the floor is also being swapped out.

With closer inspection, it actually just cuts the part into a 4 x 4 grid effectively.

what game is that it looks awesome