How would I cut off an ImageLabel when hitting the edge of a block?


So as you can see in the GIF, I’m currently working on what’s supposed to appear as a TV with a logo on the right sliding from the bottom to the top in a loop. However, I want the logo to only appear on the screen and not visibly slide off the television’s area. How would I adjust my script to handle this?

Turn on ClipDescendants on the image Label! It will fix it! If this helped, mark me as solution :smiley:


Sadly, this didn’t work when I enabled ClipsDescendants. The only noticeable change is that the ImageLabel moves slightly slower with it enabled.

Is that a GUI frame you’re using with the TV? If it is, enable ClipsDescendants on that and make it the parent of your ImageLabel.

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Yes, it is! Here’s what the drop down looks like for the television.

When I enabled ClipsDescendants on the Frame, the logo disappears for the majority of the tween, only showing up for a small period (where yes, the logo still fell off the edge of the screen for a moment.)

Can I have a GIF/screenshots?

bc 30 chars suck :open_mouth:

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Yep, here’s what happens when ClipsDescendants is enabled on the Frame.

(Also, I just checked to make sure, a similar incident occurs when enabling ClipsDescendants on the SurfaceGUI.)

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ClipsDescendants is not enabled for rotated Guis for a variety of reasons, including performance and limitations from the Gui engine. Rotate the part instead so that everything is basically at the bottom but rotated due to the part’s rotation and then tween the Gui to the side.


Thanks! If you or somebody else could, can you run me through how to tween the Label on it’s side so it can still run like I intended it to?