How would i detect if a part is in the same assembly as another part?

Im trying to create a blocky destruction game where cars hit other cars and they break each other.
But whenever a car starts accelerating, it has the tendency to completely break down into a gajillion trillion billion pieces and die brutally. Im trying to make it so that if a part in the car is in the same assembly as the part its touching, then the breaking is cancelled. I have tried using a:GetConnectedParts(true)[b] (a being the parts thats being touched, b is the part that touched) but to no avail. I need some urgent help

How do you have the Parts welded?

Seems to me that only the touched Parts (or might be better if the Parts that are a certain Magnitude from the Touched Part) should become unwelded, not all the welds in the Vehicle.

Since this is Scripting Support you should post your destruction script so we can see how it works.
Please remember to put 3 backticks (```) before and after the script so it formats properly here.

Hello, i have been writing a reply then i had a brainwave. The wheels were touching the car, then caused a chain reaction of welds breaking etc. I have fixed this now. Thank you for replying

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Good to hear!
Please reply to the person you mean to be chatting with because otherwise they don’t get a notification of the reply. I just happened to see that there had been a reply on this thread and clicked on it to investigate.