How would i detect if roblox is slow/a service is down?

I have a game that allows you to teleport between different places inside it. I am trying to figure out how to detect if roblox is being slow/down or if a service of roblox’s is down. This is for if for example teleportservice is down, it would display my error menu telling the user roblox teleportservice is down or roblox is down. Thanks.

Use pcalls. Build error handling into your modules and scripts.

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TeleportService doesn’t just “go down”. If Roblox is down then the user wouldn’t even be able to play your game. I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

October 29th, roblox was slow. You could join games. However, stuff like teleport service didnt work. So yes, the user is able to play. I’m not really worrying about it at all, its just to let the user know there isnt a point of joining if teleport service wont work.