How would i determine if a Player purchased a Developer Product?


I was wondering how I would determine if a player bought a Developer Product, I don’t remember if there was a way to do it, or I’m just forgetting something

Current Code:

for number, Asset in Frame:GetChildren() do
	if Asset:IsA("Frame") then
		if Asset:GetAttribute("Price") >= 1000 then
			local Div = Asset:GetAttribute("Price")/1000
			Asset.Buy.Text = "R$"..Div.."K"
			Asset.Buy.Text = "R$"..Asset:GetAttribute("Price")
		Asset.Desc.Text = Asset:GetAttribute("Desc")
			MarketPlaceService:PromptProductPurchase(Player, Asset:GetAttribute("Asset"))
			-- How would i determine if they did here?

Check this (totally) awesome page Roblos made :slight_smile:

How do I shorten links aaaaa

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Not sure,

Some parts are slightly confusing to me, but I believe I figured it out, thanks, ill mark this as the solution then

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Sorry, probably should’ve spent some time explaining lol.

It’s a bit like gamepass buying I believe.

Yes, but unlike Gamepasses, it can be purchased multiple times, yeah, I already know, its fine

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