How would I do a one-time transfer of all datastores from 1 game to another?

Hello, I am changing the group a game is on, but I have got a large number of player Datastores stored. Is there a way to transfer all player data from one game group to the other without loss of data?

Sorry if this is stupid.

I’m not sure this is possible sadly

This is impossible for the time being, however Roblox will be adding a function to get all the keys in a datastore soon.

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Didn’t know about that last part, looking forward to finally being able to transfer large amounts of data

I’m not 100% sure so don’t quote me on this, but it might be possible using some external database in order to save the data and then transfer it to another game. Again, I don’t know enough about this to be sure if this could work but it sounds plausible.

Cant you just update your existing game?

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However, you can’t get they keys in the datastore to transfer over.

You can transfer data throught MessagingService but it wouldnt be one time thing because of limitations, it will take much more time, but still will transfer data.

MessagingService is per game, not cross-game.

Ohhh, right.
Then i dont know any other methods