How would I do realistic cafe lighting?

  • I’m wanting clean realistic lighting with sunrays.
  • I am quite new to lighting and don’t know what to do.
  • I have searched around the forums for a while, hearing VOXEL is good, but now I have VOXEL on, what do I do?

Please provide help and support on how I can make it clean and realistic.

The biggest tip I can offer is to mess around with lighting and figure out a style you like - just play around with the settings.

Other than that, use shadowmap rather than voxel as it generates far more realistic shadows. Use beams to create the effect of sun rays passing through windows.

How would I add beams? (30000 charrsss)

You should find this link helpful

Alright! Thanks.
What would I do with the sunrays now?

You can play with the settings so that it fits your liking. Always test it by running the game in studio and test by adjusting the settings. For example if you want a higher or lower intensity.

Alright, I did that, however the sunrays didn’t have any impact.

There is “SunRaysEffect” in the object menu.

Yeah, I mess with that however it doesn’t have any effect, sadly.

Do you mean it doesn’t have the effect you’re looking for, or you didn’t notice anything at all?

The second one. I didn’t notice anything.

You inserted the object into lighting? You should notice an effect around the sun if you increase the intensity.

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Weird… I guess I should restart my studio.
To answer your question- Yes, it is in lighting.


I think this is the best for you!

Just stick with this and make all blocks cast light. I hope it’ll help.

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This will have what you need except for the sunbeams


Hey! That’s exactly what I was looking for!
Many thanks.

That was perfect.
That made the lighting amazing, thanks so much!


(30 charsssssssssssssssssssss)

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