How would I do this?

I am trying to make a Roman roleplay game but don’t know how to do the following:

The custom Hotbar system.

And to be able to hold and use two tools at the same time.

(Oh and also how do you make trigger a script once you press the Right Mouse Button?)

If you could help me it would be very helpfull! :+1:

You would want to remove the basic core gui for tools and replace it with your own guis. From there you can use the input service or Player:GetMouse() to get which keys the player press to change tools and to activate the tools.

As for dual wielding there are other posts for this which you can find within seconds.

How would I do that? I mean the disabling the core gui for tools.

It explains how to disable and enable it, click [coreGuiType] if you don’t know what the values are.

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