How would I do this?


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How would you do what…? Please specify, nobody can help you this way

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I am asking how I could do that. I don’t know how-

Are you asking about changing the settings screen? You would have to override CoreGui somehow

where did you find that from? did you see it by joining a game or just a video/screenshot, etc

Please don’t make this difficult and tell us what you want you want to do.

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I don’t think there’s a way to modify the main menu like that, you’d have to download something

yea there is no way you can do that unless you literally hack roblox and change it… am i right lol?

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Please change the categories, you are posting in the wrong place.

Could you specify what you are doing? From what I can see, you’re trying to modify the RobloxGui in the corescripts. It isn’t hard to do at all actually. You just have to be careful from what you are doing when modifying corescripts, since they are easy to break.


I found it on the forum.

Can you link the post? Btw, there is no way to edit the menu using a script.

If you want to change the UI in your game, you need to modify the displayed images in the Roblox folders.
Idk for Mac, but if you have Windows, just search Roblox in your search bar (or find the Roblox folder in your File Explorer). Then right click (it should be named Roblox Player) and open file location. Then right click on Roblox Player and open file location again. Then go to content > textures

Once you find the image that you wanna replace, you can change it and make your own UI.
Just be careful because once you make changes, you cannot go back unless if you save the default images beforehand or if you uninstall then reinstall Roblox

If I remember, you can edit the CoreGui in studio and it stays that way, however you cannot edit CoreGui by script because it doesn’t have enough permission.

Roblox Player > content > textures > ui > Settings

There you will find most of the menu settings UIs