How would I do this?

How would I make a cart mechanic like “cart ride around nothing”? If you have played that game you would know that the movement of the cart is really unstable and wobbly.

How would I make something or something close to this?

Thanks! :snowflake:

Unstable? Wobbly?
Yep, that’s using Roblox physics. :grinning:

Probably cylinders with HingeConstraints for the wheels. Maybe motors for the propulsion? Or a VectorForce.

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Your best bet would to be to use a community resource. Roblox’s physics WILL make you smash your head against a brick wall, talking from experience.

Here’s one I found with a search:

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Only problem with this is its too stable, not wobbly.

Also why does it auto break even though I am driving it?

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