How Would I Find Where Two CFrames Intersect In This Way

As an example, I have two CFrames. These are both represented by these two points:

Each point is positioned where their CFrame’s position is. They are also rotated to fit their CFrame’s angles. They both have the same CFrame angles.

This red line represents a line drawn from the positions of the two points, which is also the distance between them:

This line is on the line where the top point faces:

This new line is perpendicular to line the bottom point points to, and forms a right angle with the past line:

So, if I know the CFrame of the points, then what would be the position where the lines intersect at in this way (line where top dot points to, line perpendicular to where bottom dot points to):

Finding A:

I’ve looked at quite a few posts on the DevForum regarding intersection of rays and parts, but some of them don’t explain well or are confusing.

Found out I could just calculate offset.