How would I fit the 2016L Settings UI to be in a local script instead of modules

At first, I just wanted to get the 2016L UI back. I found the 2016 RobloxGui and just tried to put it inside the StarterGui… I know, that was soooo genius of me… It didn’t print out ANYTHING. I’m pretty sure that I’m just missing a CoreScript to load it all. When it wasn’t working, I have the grand idea of fitting all of the ModuleScripts into a single LocalScript. I got barely anything to work, but I was happy that it even popped up. I decided to restart due to all of the bugs occuring. Any tips on how to do this the correct way?

TL;DR : How do I fit the module scripts from the 2016L Settings UI into just 1 local script.

I’ve seen this AWESOME game that replicates the 2016L Menu UI I’m looking for. Here’s the game:

Now I’m just puzzled on how to even replicate that. :thinking:


Oh! @Colastee Now i will rescue you from this, so if you want it here you go

And This is a 2016 coregui preview

And the setting menu isn’t done


AWESOME!! Thank you so much! All I need now is the settings ui… That’s probably the most hardest part to do. How did you go about making this?

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So about the game setting i think it possible to do but it will use alot of time so if i make game setting done i will update to you

Alright, thank you so much!

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