How would I fix my animations breaking due to C0 manipulation WITHOUT redoing the animations?

Whenever I manipulate the character’s Waist C0, the animations break. The arms and head don’t move with the waist, but rather stay in the same rotation as seen below;

Is there any possible fix to this problem without completely redoing the animations? If so please tell me below in the comments, I GENUINELY do not know why this happens

You can use the Humanoid’s Animator:
local animator = player.Character.Humanoid:GetAnimator()
animator:SetStateEnabled(“Idle”, true)
animator:SetStateEnabled(“Running”, true)

If you’re using a Packages folder, you need to add a line to the top of your MainModule:
local Animator = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Packages.Animator)

I think you’re animating your model in a BP, which means you’re not using the Animator library, so you can’t just set states.

I’m using the Humanoid’s animator to animate the character.

I had to disable retargeting in Workspace.

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