How would I get a position that is further from my first position?

I know the title might be a little confusing but here is what i’m trying to do.

I’m currently redesigning a 2d bullet system, however I want to make the bullet go on forever. What i’m currently doing is getting the position of the mouse and then tweening the bullet to that specific position. However the bullet just stops at the position of my mouse. Is there any way I can tween the bullet to go infinitely in the direction of my mouse?

Hey there! With doing this, a problem comes. Since a bullet in such a small object sometimes the computer can’t render fast enough and the bullet won’t be detected. For systems like this, you would have to use raycast.

If you want your bullet to go infinitely, you should use something like BodyVelocity instead of tweening the bullet.

That was the first thing I did. It worked perfectly. However, I had an exploiter try and break my game and he could somehow mess with the physics and bring all of the bullets i fired into one position because they were not anchored. I’m trying to make the bullet anchored at all times so exploiters won’t be able to mess with the physics.

Exploiters are able to mess with parts that aren’t anchored because they’ve managed to gain network ownership of them. You can fix this by manually setting network ownership of the bullets to the server using :SetNetworkOwner()

Edit: You should also be doing this even if you aren’t using BodyMovers to reduce lag (read second linked article)

Then maybe try updating the CFrame of the bullet every frame using something like RunService.Heartbeat?

Thank you so much. I’ve always heard about network ownership, however I have never really gone into it.