How would I get an invisible part to cast a full shadow?

Hello. As you can see in this photo, my game is in an isometric style. As players enter buildings, ascend floors, etc. the game makes things visible and invisible. One of the things that remains invisible while the player is inside the building is the roof. However, the issue created by this is that sunlight will illuminate the room rather than my own lighting (the chandeliers)

I don’t want to have to create a part that floats far above and blocks out the sun itself, as I intend on having a day-night cycle. Is there any other way to do this?

Here’s a gif of the effect.


Hey, is there a way you code there sun to not recognize the transparent parts as transparent, and rather solid parts? Your game will definitely have other buildings with interiors, so I think it might work if you could try it. Give it a try and tell me if you get close to solving your problem. Again, this is an idea, not sure if it would work. (Epic game though, looks amazing!)

Roblox does not have custom shader coding, for a multitude of reasons. So no, I don’t believe I can do that.

Whatever part you want to cast a shadow, and still be invisible, this is how to do it.

part.Material = "ForceField"
part.Transparency = (-10^100)