How would I get larger groups and games to use my model?

I would put this in discussion if I had permissions, on that, I also think a member discussion would be cool.

I recently have been working on a model called DonateUI, and I am wondering how would I get big places like Venti, or Frappe to even consider using it? It’s hard to get in contact with them and for smaller cafes and places it’s easier to get in contact, and they usually would love to use the product. In no way would I like to use roblox ads (I think you can’t anyway for models, I don’t know) to advertise it.

DonateUI is a simple and effective Donator Perks UI that is free and open source for everyone.

If this is in the wrong category please direct me to the category it should be in.
Any response is appreciated!


What you could do with your model is add it at the “What are you working on currently”. Lot’s of people view this daily, and who knows, you might bump into someone from the well known cafes. What’s more, you could post it at the resources : comunity resources. There people post free to use models or anything that could help you in your roblox game, and this could definitely help cafes and other games.

I hope I didn’t confuse you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: This is not the exactly the right category, but there isn’t one especially dedicated for what you need. You could try moving it to Building Support

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Thanks, I might put it in the “What are you working on currently” post.

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