How would i get roblox search results (things like decals, or accessories)

What would be a way for me to get roblox search results for a specific thing (like decals, sounds, or accessories). The reason why is because i want to get a page of decals, display them on a UI and be able to shift between pages like how some games do it. However i haven’t really found a way or anything that would highlight how i would approach this. What would be a way i can approach this?

for Decals, you can use the InsertService:GetFreeDecals(query, pageNum).

for accessories, try AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() and CatalogSearchParams.
I’m not really sure how they work, so I’d recommend you do your own research about them

here’s an example:

local AvatarEditorService = game:GetService("AvatarEditorService")

local SearchParams =
SearchParams.SearchKeyword = ""
SearchParams.MinPrice = 0
SearchParams.MaxPrice = 10000
SearchParams.BundleTypes = {Enum.BundleType.Animations, Enum.BundleType.BodyParts}

local Search = AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog(SearchParams)


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Seems great! Thank you so much!

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