How would I get the position of a part in tween service

So I am making a part move around the map and it randomly tweens to parts but instead of just going to the parts properties and putting the position in the script how would I make it so that if I change the position it will still tween to that part without me adding the new position of the part. Sorry if I didn’t explain to well

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You can use the function .Changed so if the position changes, it wil create a new tween, and tween to that position.

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Basically just have a table of parts in different positions which are then used as reference points by the main part when tweening its own position.

local ts = game:GetService("TweenService")

local partsFolder = workspace:WaitForChild("Folder")
local parts = partsFolder:GetChildren()
local part = script.Parent

for _, aPart in ipairs(parts) do
	ts:Create(part,, {Position = aPart.Position})

This loop gets a folder/model of parts, iterates over each part creating a tween for the main part for each and then plays that tween, pausing for three seconds after each tween is played.