How would I get the price of an Bundle?

I’ve been trying to get a price of a Bundle, it seems to be different from getting the Price of an Asset such as: MarketPlaceService:GetProductInfo(ID).PriceInRobux or :GetProductInfo(ID, Enum.InfoType.Asset).PriceInRobux

Ive tried the same thing but switching the ID part to an AnimationBundle such as Ninja as well InfoType to Bundle. Nothing seems to work so far. *As well putting the price on a TextLabel

If you know anyways I could fix this please let me know! (I will be checking up on the post here and there)

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local AssetService = game:GetService("AssetService")

local bundleDetails = AssetService:GetBundleDetailsAsync(75)


This should return the price of the Ninja Animation.

Edit: Just tested this myself, and it didn’t work as it’s a bit different. You would have to request the data from the roblox API, so here is the code using roproxy as a way to access the API.

local HTTP = game:GetService("HttpService")

it’s a bit crunched up since I used the output to do this (It probably would’ve looked like this knowing me anyways)

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Thanks for the response, I’ll try this!