How would I go about 9-slicing this image?


This is the image I’m trying to 9-slice Button
So I followed TheInnovative’s Tutorial and this was the result:

Once it gets to a certain size (either big or small) it starts to get a bit freaky.
I set SliceCenter to (18, 18, 86, 86) and you can see where that is below

Have I done something wrong? I’m not sure why it goes like in the video once it’s a certain size


Usually 9 slice images have straight edges so when the middle sections get stretched they stay undistorted.

Your image doesnt really have any straight edges to stretch out, so you might get away with just setting the “slice” middle rectangle to just a single middle pixel.

Eg 50,50,50,50 of your 100x100 image



I’ll try that, thanks!

That works great!