How would I go about animating a character for a Fishing activity?

Hey there! Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on making a good system for animating my characters when they’re fishing. I have all animations finished, but they won’t play when I call the :Play() function.


No problem!

If they are to remain stationary then I recommend anchoring the character’s HumanoidRootPart then playing the animation(s) to ensure this.

There are some possible reasons the animation won’t display when called:

  1. It may have the AnimationPriority of Core, Movement or Idle while being interrupted (Change Animation Priority to “Action” to resolve this)

  2. It may not be an animation track loaded into the character (You want to call the Play() function on the animation track, not the animation! (If via server create an AnimationController instead)

Should this be the case, there would be an error which pops up in the output of Play not being a member of the Animation instance.

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Hello! So this worked, but how can I make a player continue holding their fishing rod out? (in front of them after the animation finishes.)

thanks so much!



Well for this you could do it two ways:

  1. Using the :AdjustSpeed() function of AnimationTracks you can simulate a “pause” at any given part of the animation.


  1. Looping the animation in the animation editor by toggling “looped” to true and resaving your animation(s). The toggle button looks like the ‘Play’ button with an arrow looped around it:


When you want it to stop though you’ll need to call the :Stop() function of the AnimationTrack now!

Thanks! I’ll be using the first one, for sure! Thanks again!

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