How would I go about attaching a backpack model to the back of a player?

I have made the model of the backpack and I tried to script where it would go on the players back and it did work but it would always be inside the torso of the player. I messed around with LookVector to try to make it spawn behind the torso of the player but would never work and would always go to the side of the player instead. So I’m just lost on how to make this work.



here are some Devforum threads that are trying to do something similar as you are:


If you are using a scripted Weld to do it, you probably aren’t setting the Weld C0 and C1. If you don’t set them with an offset then the weld will put both parts at the same center Position.

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So I just got it to work and I think the issue was I was setting the offset of the weld C0 with the LookVector of the players torso and I just switched it to the backpacks primary parts LookVector instead and it worked.


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