How would I go about checking if a string would be tagged in python?

I am trying to make a Discord bot that allows you to link your discord with your roblox account by using a list of random words that you put into your profile (I’ve already finished this). The issue with this though, is that if a word is tagged it will not work. Is there an api that would work in python that checks if a string would be tagged on Roblox, or is there a list of words that 100% aren’t tagged which I can use?

There isn’t, the filtering system on Roblox is dynamic and tied to the specific user. In addition, Roblox has always been quite guarded about what would or would not trigger the filter.

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So I would just have to hope that it doesn’t get tagged?

You could write in your code an algorithm to skip over tags and automatically assume the user had put the word you asked.

I made a system for my Discord bot (Using Discord.js) that just asks the user what they’re username is when they’re verifying, then when they join the game it says “Hey, the account ‘username#1234’ with Discord ID: 123456789098765 is trying to link to your account. Is this you?” and they can click yes or no.

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