How would I go about editing this script to grab input from a text box?

This may sound like a basic and silly question, but I do not script with UIs very often. How could I grab input from a Text Box when a player clicks a button? I have read other posts about this but it is difficult for me to find where to insert the rest of the script. I want to make it so that it will find the input from the Text Box, and then it will change another Text Label’s text to that input. If this sounds confusing, please reply to receive a better explanation.

My script so far:

local EnterCommand = script.Parent.Parent.EnterCommand
local Button = script.Parent
local Output = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Output


I know that there should be other functions in there, but I need to know what to put after EnterCommand.Text. Please reply with some clarification!

Assign the TextLabel’s Text property to the TextBox’s Text property when the GuiButton is Activated:

    textLabel.Text = textBox.Text