How would I go about getting UGC sales?

Basically, I have created my first ever UGC item (Red Bat Wings - Roblox), and I am having trouble on how to get it out to people. I have already advertised on twitter but do not plan on advertising it on roblox (for now as I cannot afford it). So I was wondering if anyone knew any ways to increase traffic to my Item or how to encourage sales. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Accessories can take a couple months to start selling well. They will work their way up the algorithm as more people click on your item when searching for specific terms. Your tags are “red” “bat” and “wings” which are bound to get searches over time. The item is appealing so I think it will do well! At least a few months are needed to really know.

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I see. Thanks for letting me know. I will wait and see how my item does. Do you recommend anything else that I can do to increase searches or sales. Thanks again!

Write a more interesting description. Include similar words that buyers might search for. You can also try creating a ugc store on catalog games like Catalog Avatar Creator or making a post about your item on social media.

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alright thanks, I will go and do those now :smile: