How would I go about handling stats between the server and client safely and reliably?

I’m not really sure where to start since I recently got back into developing again.

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Create and change the values of Attributes on the server then just get those attributes from the client with :GetAttribute()

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You can use RemoteFunctions, Attributes or Values (instance). I personally use Values. Even if they mess with them (like renaming or changing the value), it will be client-side and will only affect the player, so its their problem if they do so.
I find RemoteFunctions the least reliable though.

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i agree remotefunctions is kinda annoying for this because it actually yields for a short amount of time

They are just bad when client needs to pass information to server - this is where exploiters can easily take control of it and just infinitely yield the server.

Ah I thought attributes would be the worst one because I’m already using them and I thought I was doing something wrong because I didn’t know what I was doing, also your name gave me a little chuckle