How would I Go About Importing A Hair Type Partical System From Blender To Roblox Studio?

So I have made a really sick partical thing I really dont under stand it but I want to import it to roblox. I have tried wavefront and it doesent work it just says theres no vertices. Please help image


As far as I’m aware, you won’t be able to export that into Studio as this was made using Blender’s particle system, which works differently to Roblox’s.


Yeah, If you make any type of particles it’d have to be done within the Roblox engine due to the fact I don’t believe Roblox supports files like that. You could try to take the textures and use them on the particle emitter using the Roblox studio but that will take some time to learn. I hope this somewhat helps your situation and don’t give up.


On the particle section of blender press convert

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