How would I go about making a Clan System?

I need to make a clan system for my game, but I don’t know where to start.

What I’m aiming for

A clan system where users can create their own clan with it’s own name, the owner of the clan needs to be able to kick players from the clan, invite players to the clan, start a “clan war” and delete the clan all together. The clan needs to save so that it can be accessed when the player re-joins the game. Every member also needs to be able to leave the clan whenever they like, and have a GUI with the clan name, the clans Total (leaderstat), and a list of the members who are in the clan.

I’m really not sure if this is even possible, but help would be appreciated.

You almost explained what i am now going to explain. Its is completely possible to make a clan system. These are some things you need to know about in order to create a clan system -

  • Datastores
  • Client - Server connection
  • UI Elements
  • Handle UI Elements both on server and client
  • Overhead Gui for Clan Name (Optional)

Here is you can accomplish it -

Create the GUI for the clan leader to control. These are the things it must contain -

  • Player list (Only the players in the game)
  • Invite Button
  • Clan Settings Gui
  • Delete Clan Button
  • Manage members

Invite button shall fire a selected client with all the clan information that is to be shown on an Invite Gui Frame. The person can either accept or decline the invite. If they accept it then you can add them to a global datastore saving all clan data like Member usernames, clan name, clan description and other things using :SetAsync() and pcalls.

Delete clan button, remove member from clan can be achieved by using :RemoveAsync() and removing the required data from the datastore.

Making the player list is also fairly simple if you know how to replicate GUIs and if you know about UIListLayout

Managing Clan Settings is also pretty simple and can be accomplished by saving the data in our Global DataStore using SetAsync()

Making overhead GUIs is also fairly simple. The clan name can be displayed on the player’s head using billboard GUIs.

All the data of the clan is loaded if any member of the clan joins the game.

Hope this helps! For any further doubt, you can ask me.