How would I go about making a class fighting script?

So I’m working on a class based fighting game (A game where you choose a character and drop into combat). I have most of the animations done but I’m stuck on one thing which is how would I make it so when you click a Gui button/ image button, your player animations would change to whatever the classes animations are, including the weapon rig. I’ve tried many ways already but I couldn’t figure it out and there’s not much information about this specific topic online. Any help would be appreciated.

Fire an event on button press, which will stop animations which are currently playing and play the ones you need.

I’d do something like

--[[ Animation change code here. Whether they're variables to be played or you're
replacing the default animations. I have no experience in replacing or disabling the default animations.]]

The GuiButton stores the name of the class; via name, text, child, or attribute. The function uses the stored name to find a folder with the same name holding animations, and applies animations to the character.