How would i go about making a framework for my game?

ive spent a lot of my time inspecting how aero game framework works. ive pretty much replicated it, and i understand how it could help modules communicate. the only thing i dont understand, now, is how you would construct something different. how do you guys go about creating module frameworks for your games?


It just depends on what’s more convenient and familiar to you and the people you’re working with. There’s a lot of different frameworks you can base yours on like how Aero takes inspiration from Roblox’s services and creates a global table for each environment that every module indexes from or you can go ahead and make an ECS system like with what Unity has. If you’re working alone, you could just throw everything into 1 script too; whichever is more comfortable for you to use is your best bet.

Anyways, this question has been asked many times:
You should get some good ideas from those posts. Good luck!