How would I go about making a game like this?

So I happened to run into this video on Youtube. I want to create something like it for fun, but I’m unsure where to start.

  1. I’m confused about is infinitely stacking the bricks. I’m aware I can a new part, but how would I go about moving to the next brick to start stacking, like in the video?

  2. I’ve tried slicing up the brick, using Subtractasync. However, whenever you slice it, it doesn’t create two unions, and when you try to negate the union that it makes, the part simply no longer exists.

  3. How would I do a score incrementing system?

Can anyone show me any pointers so I can find solutions to these issues?

  1. Pretty sure you can just create a new brick and move it a bit higher than last brick, and make it appear from different direction, then just make it move towards the old brick’s position until player clicks.
  2. This one is tricky, I never really made any unions using script, but from my experience of modeling in studio, I clone the brick twice and make negative brick cover entirety of it but the part we need to stay, and do the same but in reverse so I get two halfs of them separated
  3. Add a one point to score every time player places a brick.
    (A visual representation of 2, because I feel like it’s a bit complicated to explain in words)