How would I go about making a gobal Clan type chat

Hey, I wondering what’s the best apporach to making a Gobal type chat. What I mean by this is a chat is it is inside a Gui, that certain players can access it, from all servers. If you have ever played bedwars, I kind of what to make the Clan chat system kind of. The thing is that only one of these exist, and it’s for admins.
I would like to load some of the history on join, not much, but atleast like 5 messages.

How should I do this? Should I really use a data store? Or will issues arise like not saving, or reaching the max limit use of Update/Set Async (Because I have other data stores too)? How should I update all the servers? I want this to work in all servers, but how should I get the data when someone sends a message?

I’m not at the stage of coding this yet, I’m just asking how I would go about this.

Any help is appreciated! :smile:

I recommend checking this post out!

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Hey! This post wouldn’t help me too much, as this using the default chat, and not a Gui chat type of system. I wanting to do this in a gui. Also from what I saw, these scripts don’t do any “saving”. All I see is the messaging service, which could be the answer to this:

But doesn’t help me for most of what I want which is mainly datastores/Or someway to save data, and sharing data