How would I go about making a lightsaber customizer

Hello! I’m trying to make a lightsaber customizer that will let you change your color of your lightsaber, and the handle. I’m not quite sure where to get started…

Sorry this is late, but the way I think would work is separating the lightsaber into 3 parts. The handle is one part, which is just a scripted mesh, and the saber itself would be 2 parts, the white part could be the part that kills enemies, and the colored part could be just colored normally. You could individually model each handle, and if you wanted to make a darksaber for example, you could make it easy with just changing the mesh and making sure the scripts are in right. Making a double bladed saber could essentially just be copy and pasting a normal saber but putting it in the back. I hope this helps and I hope your project goes well.

Thank you but how would I code it so you can customize it…?

I don’t know the coding part of this, but essentially the colored part would be changing the color in studio to be the right one through the press of a button. The main blade would undergo the same process. The handle would have a mesh swap or texture swap depending on what you are going for. You can probably find a color changing script tutorial somewhere, but that’s all I know.