How would I go about making a replicator?

Hello there! I’ve recently been trying to learn module scripts and trying to implement them into my games but I’ve been having some trouble with having the lighting modules and getting them to show up server-side. I’ve read a few threads talking about a replicator script but none have explained it or described how it should be set up. So my main question is… how would I go about making a replicator? Would I need to pass a table with all of the modules customization or would I have to make the effect on both the client or the server?

all help on this would be appreciated.

(I tried using this and this module yet have had no success of a replicator)

You should learn about what ‘replication’ is so you can understand how it works, thought I assume replicator as an handler for effects in a modulescript that fires all client to replicate the effect.

Replication example by @SPOOK_EXE.. Should do the job.

where could I learn? Is there an api or some youtube video on it?

And yes, it’s a handler for effects in a module script

It’s the concept of LocalScript and ServerScript, like how you can spawn parts using localscript but since its ‘local’ its only in your screen and not others. It’s complicated to explain myself because I’m not that knowledgeable in this field, but you just need to learn about FireClient(Remote Events) and ModuleScripts if you wanna make a handler for effects, and get enough experience to broaden your knowledge in making specific systems for your utilities. There’s 2 ways of ‘replicator’ concept, it could be for client only or in server if done in the server it can cause some memory depending on what the effect is but the server will replicate it for you, as for client only you can just use fireclient to only show the effects on client side which will reduce the stress the server will take just for that 1 effect and also have a smoother effect.