How would I go about making a UI like this?

(from this game)
Im mainly looking at the Icons for the abilities. Its got the parallelogram like shape and the cooldown changes the text to blue and makes the cooldown “bar” thingy (for lack of a better term) visible. Also, I can’t show this because its an image, but on cooldown, the cooldown bar thingy sizes down and down until the cooldown is over. Is this with tweening?


Please try to show a video.

I’d think so from your explanation.

Ok heres the video. (it just takes forever to get obs setup and open and what not)
(link is google drive because I’m too lazy to cut it and file size is somehow so big idk why)

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Yes, it is absolutely possible to do this with TweenService.

Im mostly keen on the shapes themselves, how they were created

External photo editing software, Inkscape, photoshop, illustrator, etc.

I guess it must be annoying making like 15 icons just for the cooldown bar on each ability icon

I thought you meant the actual graphic itself… The fading/ cooldown bar on each icon can be achieved by a tween.