How would I go about making a vent open smoothly?

Hey, there.
I’m making these vents for my game, and I’m wondering how I’d have them open. They’d need to open like a door, but on the ground, and it’d have to be smooth.

I didn’t rly try anything out yet, as idk where to start, so if anyone has an idea, let me know, and I’d appreciate it.

Here’s a picture of the vent, and how it should open:

Thanks for reading and possibly helping :slight_smile:


Try to use lerp if it model, or tween service if it mesh

Tween its rotation and position at the same time. Alternatively, which is in my opinion the better way, tween the rot on a smaller part on its edge which you have it welded to.


Oh, I didn’t think about welding it. Thank you, I’ll try this out :slight_smile: